L'histoire du parapluie - un-parapluie.fr

The history of the umbrella goes back thousands of years, although the first umbrellas were very different from those of today. The first umbrellas were used as protection against the sun rather than against the rain. The Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians all used versions of umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun and heat millennia ago.

Umbrellas have evolved over the centuries to become utilitarian objects to protect against the rain. In the Middle Ages, umbrellas were made from materials such as wood and silk, and were used primarily by upper-class women.

In the 18th century, umbrellas began to be made from more modern materials such as metal and waterproof fabric. By the 19th century, automatic umbrellas were invented, and umbrellas had become more accessible to a larger population.

Today, umbrellas are made from modern materials such as plastic and fiberglass, and there are a wide variety of different styles and sizes to suit everyone's needs and preferences.