Parapluies son histoire et tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur cet accessoire stylé -

Umbrellas are well-known accessories that make it easy to protect yourself from the rain. There are many models with very different characteristics and more or less original style. In this article, we are going to take a look back at the history of umbrellas and take stock of the most popular umbrellas of 2022.

umbrella story

The first traces of umbrellas in the world appeared in Egypt in the form of parasols. In 1000 BC, the Egyptians were obsessed with the sun, so they created peacock feathers and lotus leaves, tied to a stick for shade. Given the weight of the object, several people are needed to carry it.

So, strictly speaking, they look more like parasols than umbrellas. At that time in China, lighter umbrellas were born, they were made of bamboo and tissue paper. Note that the English word for umbrella is umbrella , which is derived from the Latin word "umbra", which means shade, suggesting that the parasol is the origin of the umbrella.

More recently, in the 17th century, umbrellas will develop throughout Europe, such as Italy, France or England, thanks to the development of waterproof fabrics coated with wax or oil. Umbrellas are finally truly rainproof.

This object was used to protect the kings while they rode, then it would become an almost exclusively female accessory. So that in London in the 18th century, men gradually adopted the umbrella, following the example of Jonas Hanway, a great traveler and philanthropist who, at that time, traded in Asia.

Umbrellas became a real fashion accessory for the wealthy, as umbrellas were an expensive commodity. Then their prices went down due to cheaper materials like steel, aluminum, fiberglass and nylon finally democratizing the umbrella.

Over time, innovations also helped to evolve the umbrella, such as the telescopic handle invented in the 20th century, so it was less bulky and easier to store in a bag.

More than a practical accessory...

If we had to give a qualifier to an umbrella, we would certainly say that it is practical, even essential in case of rain. Your coat doesn't always have a hood to protect you from the rain, so an umbrella is an accessory to avoid getting wet and catching a cold.

Umbrellas, however, go far beyond practicality and can be real fashion accessories. Many umbrellas are made in the simplest way, out of black nylon canvas and black plastic handles. But for several decades, you can buy more designer umbrellas in different colors and increasingly fine and sophisticated materials.

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