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Before buying a new umbrella, look at what criteria to take into account to have a quality model.

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The quality of the canvas depends on the type of materials used, we find polyester and nylon most often. The density of the fabric is also important to guarantee resistance over time and impermeability. The thicker the fabric, the stronger the umbrella will be. It is possible to put the canvas under a lamp in order to easily see if the canvas is thick or not. The seams are also important, so remember to check if they have any defects and especially that no thread protrudes! One of the most common causes of umbrella breakage is fabric tearing or coming loose, so be careful.

For style, it is possible to choose an original colored or patterned canvas to stand out from black or navy blue. Transparent fabrics are also very popular and have the advantage of being brighter, it is also safer, you can see people around and cars at pedestrian crossings better.


The ribs of an umbrella are very important in its solidity. They must be both flexible and resistant to support the joints and also support the successive openings / closings of the umbrella. With poor quality ribs, you are sure that your umbrella will end up in a trash can at the next gust of wind. Breaking ribs are listed as the No. 1 recurring problem with umbrellas.

Preferably choose ribs in fiberglass, carbon or even better in a steel and fiberglass alloy. Prefer carbon fiber and fiberglass to have a good compromise between strength and lightness.

The number of ribs is another important criterion, we recommend a minimum of 8 ribs but some models go up to 16 for better quality and longevity.

The mast and the handle

The mast is generally wooden on a cane umbrella and metal on a foldable model. Aluminum is widely used and inexpensive but can bend more easily, for better quality opt for a steel model, but the disadvantage is the price and the weight of the umbrella. The ideal is therefore a mixture of aluminum and steel on the most sensitive parts, especially on the thinnest and most fragile elements.

Finally, for the handle, it is important to have a good grip. Umbrellas with a small handle will be less manageable. It is always practical to have an umbrella with a safety link or a wrist strap, so even if you let go of the umbrella it cannot fly away and remains attached to the wrist.

The diameter of the canvas

The majority of umbrellas today are designed for one person, but it is also possible to buy a large umbrella that can accommodate 2 people. Up to 100 cm in diameter it is a 1 person umbrella and beyond it are 2 seater models.