Unlike a classic umbrella, an inverted umbrella closes inward. It is made with two resistant canvases, an outward canvas and an inward canvas. Several advantages of having an umbrella with two canvases.

One of the benefits that really makes a difference is that the inner canvas of your inverted umbrella will always stay dry . Having two canvases also allows strong gusts to rush in part between them. Thus making the inverted umbrella more resistant to rollovers . But your inverted umbrella may turn over anyway.

And there, there is a good chance that with a classic umbrella, disaster will be guaranteed when this happens. A classic umbrella is made with mild steel or aluminum ribs , often at the first reversal the umbrella breaks . Inverted umbrellas have mild steel ribs reinforced with fiberglass , which makes it much stronger .

The other advantages of having an inverted umbrella: the inverted umbrella does not require an umbrella holder, it stands upright with the handle up. You can also lay it horizontally when you close its double canvases using the clip. Thus, once closed, you will be able to keep the humidity inside the umbrella with the dry canvas on the outside. To dry them, nothing could be simpler, install them vertically and let the rainwater run out . A trendy umbrella that suits everyone

On un-parpaluie.fr , we offer you inverted umbrellas for very affordable prices . In addition, we do promotions, all year round via our social networks . By browsing our different models of inverted umbrellas, you will find original designs that will keep your spirits up even in the gray weather and the rain. You can also choose from our slightly more sober range in plain colours .

We thought of everyone when selecting our inverted umbrellas

All our inverted umbrellas are very well made . You will find the quality of our umbrellas in all the versions we offer. We have thought as much of people who like sobriety as of those who are looking for a bit of fantasy . Whatever your search with un-umbrella.fr you will face the weather in style.

You want a colorful flower to bring a little color to your day, even under gray skies, or rather a pattern that could relate to your personality . You will be spoiled for choice by visiting our entire collection of inverted umbrellas.

Umbrellas to face any weather

Even if un-parpaluie.fr offers some so-called classic umbrellas, our expertise revolves around the inverted umbrella . We remain very focused on the inverted umbrella, because it is one of the most resistant umbrellas with its reinforced ribs protected by two taut canvases at the opening. You can easily use it even when the wind is blowing very hard . If you live in an area particularly exposed to bad weather, your choice should naturally be towards an inverted umbrella.

With a wingspan of approximately 110cm , the inverted umbrellas have been designed to easily accommodate two people .

As you will have understood, an inverted umbrella is used on a daily basis , but also for more special occasions such as weddings. By the way, an inverted umbrella can be a great gift.

Un Parapluie France offers you a collection of wedding umbrellas, sober, colorful or with original patterns.

Our site un-parapluie.fr offers several categories of umbrellas, despite this, our area of ​​expertise lies mainly in the distribution of reverse umbrellas. This category of umbrella has a double function often unknown to the general public. It is perfect for protection from bad weather (wind and rain) . But the inverted umbrella is also the ideal accessory to protect against ultraviolet rays , which makes it perfectly functional throughout the year .

Un Parapluie France is the number one inverted umbrella in France and Europe, with many references in stock . Payments are secure and delivery is made between three and five working days in Metropolitan France and five to eight working days throughout Europe.