un-parapluie.fr is a brand new site but several years of experience in physical commerce

Until now we were only doing B2B (our activity was reserved for professionals). This allowed us to improve our products with producers, taking into account the opinion of sales professionals.

un-umbrella.fr is 100% specialist

We suggest you go out covered whatever the mood of your sky. Indeed, 80% of our articles are intended to protect you from torrential rains and storms.

But today we can't ignore global warming, that's why some of our umbrellas will also protect you from the sun's UV rays.

And if style is very important to you, you can also choose from our umbrellas specializing in protection from the sun and its UV rays.

un-umbrella.fr is 100% ethical

We are brand new to the internet, so you will not find reviews or ratings about us or our items. On the other hand, we are counting on you to tell us about your experience on our site. And we will always do more to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers.