Which umbrella is for you?

Precipitation is, by definition, unpredictable and the number of rainy days varies from region to region . Weather forecasting services allow you to roughly predict the weather in about 7 days, but generally, buying an umbrella is done in a hurry or risk suffering the rain and its inconveniences.

With un-umbrella.fr do not wait any longer to pass between the drops

With so many different umbrella designs, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. One thing is certain: an umbrella is unquestionably an essential accessory!

Umbrellas should be beautiful and functional . They must also adapt to your lifestyle, your movements, your activities or the events in which you are likely to participate.

The folding umbrella

From a purely practical point of view , one could say that the folding umbrella is the champion. It is easy to store, practical for moving around, its retractable side and its original patterns will perfectly refine your style of the day. It is still necessary that the folding umbrella be made with quality materials, placed on a solid structure, to protect you perfectly from the weather.

Choose the right umbrella:

When choosing an umbrella, we recommend that you harmoniously combine these 4 criteria:
- the number of ribs, which contributes to wind resistance
- the quality of the fabric used , some umbrellas like the inverted umbrella have 2 fabrics. which greatly facilitates the passage of the wind when it blows hard.
- the quality of the rods and handles
- the opening and closing system

1. The number of whales

The ribs of an umbrella are the articulated arms that allow the canvas to stretch the canvas when opening and relax it when closing. The ribs therefore determine the wind resistance of your umbrella: Most umbrellas have 8 ribs, but you can find models that have between 10 and 16. Depending on the umbrella model, the ribs can be steel or fiberglass reinforced steel.

All the umbrellas you choose on un-umbrella.fr are made of steel reinforced with fiberglass! We made this choice with our producers because it is the lightest and strongest whale model. We made this choice knowing that the resistance of an umbrella to the wind is proportional to the tension of its fabric. The more its web stretches over the whale, the greater the wind resistance.

2. The quality of an umbrella's fabric

The fabric of an umbrella is a very important criterion. The materials used for the umbrellas that you will find on our site are generally polyester (for the umbrellas) and cotton (for our parasols). The fabrics are treated to be completely waterproof while keeping their colors and patterns intact over time. Our canvases are also UV resistant to protect users while preserving the original colors.

3. The quality of umbrella canes and handles

The skeleton of the umbrella: what to choose between a folding umbrella is retractable or a straight umbrella?

  • The folding umbrella is necessarily a little more fragile than its upright counterparts, but on un-parpaluie.fr all our umbrellas are perfectly resistant to the winds.
  • The upright umbrella is stronger and more mobile than a folding umbrella. On the other hand, it will be more cumbersome than the latter.

The handle of the umbrella is also an important criterion because it is the part that is in contact with your hand. An umbrella must therefore have a good grip and ergonomic comfort for a good grip in the wind. The handles associated with our umbrellas are straight, curved or C-shaped for completely hands free.

4. The umbrella opening and closing system

For the retractable or foldable umbrellas available on un-parapluie.fr, their opening and closing system is automatic. The umbrella can be opened and closed at the touch of a button on the handle (one hand is enough). The straight (long) umbrellas we have also open automatically. Our inverted umbrellas are fitted with a clip-on safety when closed, which allows them to stand on their own and drain easily, this safety also allows the umbrella to be kept open during use. The button on the handle is therefore used to lift this security when opening or closing.

If you have any other questions regarding the choice of your umbrella, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page